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This beloved book celebrates the humorous bond between a young girl and her dog.


With her rascally dog Jilly Bean by her side, Emileen’s regular day of school, frustrations, and a ruined party turns into a magical adventure when Jilly Bean saves the day by using her imagination. 

Their adventure is short-lived, though, when Jilly Bean loses her magic bubble gum bubble, and it bursts in all the excitement of helping her friends. All is not lost, however, because no matter her quirks, mistakes, or imperfections, Emileen still loves Jilly Bean…because that’s what best friends do.

(This children’s book is for readers who love using their imagination, who are delighted by whimsical books, and who see value in beautiful illustrations, creativity, and thinking outside the box.)

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Emileen and Jilly Bean is distributed by Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and Mascot Books and can also be found on Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Amazon.

Emileen and Jilly Bean includes:

  • An imaginative, humorous, and heartwarming storyline

• Beautiful illustrations

• Vivid, eye-catching colors

• Creative writing

• An enchanting English countryside setting

• Professional, high-quality printing